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Ballet’s Rock Star



“Someone else might have that body, but without Sylvie’s mind inside it, it wouldn’t be as interesting.” – William Forsythe, choreographer

The dancer’s physique is her tool, a palette of muscle and sinew, and Sylvie Guillem‘s is famously long, elastic and powerful – she is possessed of a genuinely remarkable instrument; but as with any great artist it is her character that truly sets her apart: the tool is less important than the imagination that wields it.

Choreographer: Mats Ek

 “I want to go through the tempest of creation, to be close to people with talent and to create something positive.” – Sylvie Guillem
“They took us to see Coppélia. A lot of little girls around me were so excited. But it seemed to me that they liked the costumes and the look as much as the dancing. It was never that for me.” – Sylvie Guillem
“I hate to think of the number of ballerinas whose classicism has been corrupted by her extravagant ways.” -Robert Gottlieb, The New York Observer

Choreographer: Russel Maliphant

“If you want to give dance life you must give it fresh food, not keep going back to the garbage to look for old scraps.” – Sylvie Guillem

Sylvie Guillem self-portrait

God’s-Eye View


I was recently reminded of The Glue Society, a commercial art collective of writers, directors and designers who’ve built a reputation over the past few years for interesting (albeit sensational) work. This is something they did for an exhibition in 2007. The images were displayed in light boxes on the floor so the viewer looked down on them. As art it’s clever advertising, but I still like it.